#Mike, Bill and Scott went to buy some snacks. What and how many they bought is shown in the diagram.

How much were the chocolates?



Boys V, W, X, Y and Z went fishing. V caught 8 more fish than Z. W caught 20, while X and Y caught 24 and 18 respectively. They caught an average of 20 fish.
How many fish did V catch?



You were supposed to add A and B. But, by mistake, you subtracted B from A and got 66. This number is 1/3 of the correct answer.
What is B?


Gena took seven tests. The average of the first four tests was 72. The average of test 4 through 7 was 82. The fourth test score was 84. What is the average of the seven tests?



Ellen baked cookies for the neighborhood children. She

gave each child 6 cookies and she had 7 cookies remaining.

So, she gave one more cookie to each child, but, was one

cookie short. How many cookies did she bake in total?

Explain your answer.


Jenny wanted to purchase 2 dozen pencils and a pen. Those items cost $8.45 and she did not have enough money. So she decided to purchase 8 fewer pencils and paid $6.05. How much was a pen?


How many 'C' balls does it take to balance one 'A' ball?


Point (a, b) is reflected over the x-axis and then is reflected over the y-axis. After these reflections, the new coordinates of the point are (c, d). What is the value of ab - cd?


The Fuzzy Wuzzy Teddy Bear factory uses two geometrically similar patterns to produce 10 inch-tall bears and 20 inch-tall bears. If one bag of stuffing is needed to fill the entire volume of a 10 inch-tall bear, how many bags of stuffing will be needed to fill the volume of a similar 20 inch-tall bear?


Craig's last science test was worth 180 points. The test contained 42 questions which were worth either 3 points or 5 points each. How many 5-point questions were on the test?


What is the least number of coins you can have and still pay exactly the cost of any purchase less than one dollar?


Given a right triangle whose side lengths are integral multiples of 7, how many units are in the smallest possible perimeter?


A convex polygon with n sides has n diagonals. What is n?


Express the sum as a common fraction: 0.8........ + 0.2............


If one of the positive integral divisors of 720 is randomly selected, what is the probability it is divisible by 4? Express your answer as a common fraction.


One dollar will buy five pencils and five erasers or eleven pencils and three erasers. How much would four pencils and two erasers cost?


Find the largest integral value of x which solves: 1/3 < x/5 < 5/ 8


The sum of a number, its square and its square root is 2457. What is the number?


What is the smallest number divisible by the integers 1 through 9?


Arrange the following numbers from least to greatest: 2^88, 3^55, 5^44, 7^33. (Without a calculator!)


A man drives his car around a one mile track. If he averages 30 mph for the first half then how fast does he have to go on the second half to average 60 mph?


What is the remainder when 3 raised to the 127 power is divided by 5 ?


A farmer was trying to explain to his accountant how many animals he had. He wasn't sure, but he knew that:

*All but 30 were pigs
*All but 35 were ducks
*All but 33 were chickens
*All but 37 were cows

How many animals are on this farmers farm and how many of each animal are there?


For all real numbers a through z. Find the product of: