I want you to be successful in mathematics. I care about you and am concerned that you receive the maximum amount of information possible from our time together.


Follow instructions, be polite and attentive.

Come to class prepared. Paper, pencil, covered textbook, and notebook are required each day.

Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings (please see tardy policy).

Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Success in mathematics Warning
Verbal or written praise to you Detention or "Bag-it"
Verbal or written praise to your parents Double detention or "Bag-it"
Extra credit Detention and parent conference
Class "time out" Office referral
Outstanding in citizenship Severe*

*Severe: If you are involved in a severe incident in class such as fighting, open defiance or disruptive behavior then you will be suspended from class.


Be polite and show good manners! Everything else will follow.

All students are expected to treat each other with respect. No student will be allowed to deny other students the opportunity to learn.

A substitute teacher is a guest and should be treated as such. Anyone whose name is turned in to Mr. Earl by a substitute will be subject to a detention and/or a "U" in citizenship for the quarter.

Gum chewing, note writing, talking to classmates when you should be listening and grooming are inappropriate classroom behaviors.

TARDY POLICY: If you are not IN YOUR ASSIGNED SEAT when the bell rings, then you are tardy.


First tardy Warning
Second tardy Notice sent home and/or Bag-it
Third tardy Double Bag-it
Fourth tardy Detention
Fifth tardy Office referral



Homework is graded on form and effort, not correct answers. (see homework example)

Assignments are to be on notebook paper only.

You are allowed one late assignment per quarter for full credit.

When absent it is your responsibility to obtain and complete missing work. A successful and expedient method for securing missing work is to exchange phone numbers with a reliable classmate and/or check the "Homework Calendar" at

• In case of an excused absence, the missed homework may be made up, but must be submitted within the same number of school days as the length of the absence.

You are required to keep ALL your returned homework assignments!



Cheating or talking are not tolerated. In order to assure that you receive the grade you have worked for follow these rules:

1. Come prepared.

2. Take your test quietly.

3. When done, bring your test to my desk and return to your seat quietly.

4. "DO NOT SPEAK" until the test is over. If you talk, then "0" on test!

If you are absent only on a quiz or test day, then you are required to take the test or quiz the day you return.

All tests are timed. No additional test time is allowed unless prior arrangements are made.

In case of an excused absence, the missed test may be made up, but must be completed within the same number of school days as the length of the absence.

Failure to make up a test on time will result in a "0" on that test unless previous arrangements are made with Mr. Earl.



Final grades are calculated on percentage weighted average of categories and assignments

% > 96.9%

= A+ Tests & Quizzes = 70%

90% - 96.9%

= A Homework = 30%

80% - 89.9%

= B

70% - 79.9%

= C

60% - 69.9%

= D NOTE: Projects and final exams may be

50% - 59.9%

= D- weighted into the above categories.

% < 50%

= F



You start each quarter with an "O" (outstanding in citizenship). If you break the class rules twice you may receive an "S" (satisfactory). Continuous infractions will result in a "U" (unsatisfactory).


1) Visit
2) e-mail:
3) Call the school