You can receive weekly email progress reports from Mr. Earl’s mathematics class. Reports are generated each Friday a test is given. Test scores are updated weekly and homework (HW) grades are updated every 2-3 weeks. Other class information may also be sent to you. When you first sign up you will be asked for:

1) Students full name
2) Math period number
3) Parents email address

Please note:

One email address per student.

Please do not respond to email Progress Reports. If a problem exists, ask your Son or Daughter to see me the following school day so I might explain or correct the problem. For answers to your questions please refer to Parents FAQ, Class Rules and Standards and Homework Outline before emailing Mr. Earl.

PLEASE NOTE. This service is a benefit not a privilege. I rely upon the good manners of parents and students and reserve the right to delete participants from this service at any time.

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