Earl Family Tree

Lois Joan Earl Jr.

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
William Jarvis Earl 1904 Lois Griffin (Earl)

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth Los Angeles, California, USA Cedars of Lebanon Hospital
Death 1/8/2009 Los Angeles, California, USA DOD

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Brothers & Sisters
Edwin Tobias Earl Half-brother Laguna Beach, California, USA 4/23/1945
William Jarvis Earl Jr. Brother 1945 Houston, Texas, USA 1962
Ronald Earl Half-brother Papeete, Tahiti 5/8/1948 Anaheim, Orange, California, USA 7/16/2012
Lois Griffin (Earl) Mother
William Jarvis Earl Father Los Angeles, California, USA 1904 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 1979
Emily Moss Jarvis Grandmother Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Griffin Grandfather
Edwin T Earl Grandfather Red Bluff, California, USA 5/30/1858 Los Angeles, California, USA 1/2/1919
Great grandparents
Anne Murrell Great grandmother
Joshua Jarvis Great grandfather
Josiah Earl Great grandfather Tymochtee, Ohio, USA 3/12/1821 Sidney, Austraia 5/24/1884
Adelia Tobias Chaffee Great grandmother Tymochtee, Ohio, USA 1/5/1822 Oakland, California, USA 4/2/1892
Second great grandparents
Elizabeth Tobias Second great grandmother
Emily Moss Second great grandmother
Joseph Chaffee Second great grandfather
Robert Moss Second great grandfather
Nehemiah Earl Second great grandfather 9/10/1771 Tymochtee, Crawford County, Ohio, USA 1839
Rebecca Danforth (Earl) Second great grandmother Massachusetts 1/3/1777 Tippecanoe, Tippecanoe County, Indiana 11/2/1844
Third great grandparents
Hannah Wheeler (Danforth) Third great grandmother
Daniel Earl Third great grandfather Massachusetts 1729 Marcellus, New York 1817
Major Asa Danforth Third great grandfather Worcester, Massachusetts 7/6/1746 Onondaga Hollow, New York 9/2/1818
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
Suzanne Kondik (Earl) Sister-in-law Barberton, Ohio, USA
Christine Mcleod
Nephews & Nieces
Stephanie Earl (Silva) Niece
William Jarvis Earl III M.D. Nephew
Kanne Earl (Briody)
Jarvis Anne Earl
Kimberley Anne Earl Niece 1957 1969
Stacy Anne Earl
William Jarvis Earl
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Dylan Jacob Earl
Delaney Julia Earl
Uncles & Aunts
Edwin Tobias Earl Jr. Uncle Los Angeles, California, USA 4/4/1905 Pasadena, California, USA 4/1981
Emily Jarvis Earl Aunt Los Angeles, California, USA 1906 Capri, Italy 4/2/1957
Chaffee Earl Uncle Los Angeles, California, USA 1908 Espirito Santo, Brazil 1987
Great uncles & Great aunts
Guy Chaffee Earl Great uncle Red Bluff, California, USA 5/7/1861 USA 6/25/1935
Great great (uncles & aunts)
Adams Earl Great great uncle Fairfield County, Ohio 4/20/1819
(Great uncles & Great aunts)-in-law
Ella Jane Ford Great aunt-in-law Mendocino, California, USA 3/20/1862 Oakland, California, USA 5/13/1945
Great great (uncles & aunts)-in-law
Martha Hawkins J (Earl) Great great aunt-in-law
Mary Earl First cousin (f)
Sheila Edwina Earl First cousin (f)
Carlos Edwin Earl First cousin (m) Rezende, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 11/14/1954 1990
Martha Helena Earl
Second cousins
Chester Graham Second cousin (m)
Donald Graham Second cousin (m)
Beverly Burt Wilder Jr. Second cousin (m) 7/14/1913
Alice Earl Wilder Second cousin (f) 1/10/1915 10/1922
Guy Chafee Earl Wilder Second cousin (m) 6/29/1917
Jane Henshaw Second cousin (f) 2/19/1918
Anne Wilder Second cousin (f) 9/10/1918
Marjorie Henshaw Second cousin (f) Oakland, California, USA 6/24/1921
Martha Jane Graham
Eleanor Ford Wilder
Marian Elizabeth Wilder
Guy Chaffee Earl III Second cousin (m) Los Angeles, CA 1/14/1930 Newport Beach, CA 2/19/1992
1st cousins once removed up
Martha Ford Earl 1st cousin once removed up (f) California, USA 5/11/1891 7/30/1972
Elinore “Ellie” Hayes Earl 1st cousin once removed up (f) Oakland, California, USA 1/18/1894
Guy Chaffee Earl Jr. 1st cousin once removed up (m) Los Angeles, California, USA 1/18/1894 Newport Beach, California, USA 6/18/1986
Alice Katherine Earl 1st cousin once removed up (f) California, USA 9/23/1899 Santa Cruz, California, USA 10/23/1988
1st cousins twice removed up
Alice J Earl 1st cousin twice removed up (f)
Morrel J Earl 1st cousin twice removed up (m) 6/28/1879
1st cousins once removed
Edwin Tobias Eversole 1st cousin once removed (m)
Eleonor Eversole 1st cousin once removed (f)
Henry Eversole IV 1st cousin once removed (m)
Justin Marshall
Eduardo Earl Galveas Oliveira
Helena Earl Galveas Oliveira
Joao Pedro Earl Galveas Oliveira
2nd cousins once removed
Douglas Burt Wilder 2nd cousin once removed (m)
Elizabeth Edmund 2nd cousin once removed (f)
George R Skopecek III 2nd cousin once removed (m)
John R Edmund Jr. 2nd cousin once removed (m)
Judith Ellen Wilder 2nd cousin once removed (f)
Marie Anne Skopecek 2nd cousin once removed (f) 4/20/15
Mark Wilder Edmund 2nd cousin once removed (m)
Peter Earl Wilder 2nd cousin once removed (m)
Kitzy Duque
John Mathias Jr.
Tom Anthony Duque
Susan Eleanor Curtis
Wesley Bryan Curtis Jr.
Ellie Duque
Eliska Jasna Skopecek
Tom Mc Carter
Dr. Anabel Ford
Steven Paul Earl 2nd cousin once removed (m) Los Angeles, CA 12/27/1953 1957
Dr. Cecilia Ford
Sara Mc Carter
Guy Granville Earl 2nd cousin once removed (m) Los Angeles, CA, USA 12/28/1955 Temecula, CA, USA 7/13/2015
Guy R Mc Carter
Stephen Joseph Jerome Ford
Tracey Eleanor Earl 2nd cousin once removed (f) Los Angeles, CA 10/2/1957 Orange, CA 9/1/1971
Mary Patricia Earl
Mathew Gregory Earl
2nd cousins twice removed
Catherine Price 2nd cousin twice removed (f)
George Randolph Skopecek IV 2nd cousin twice removed (m)
Michelle Skopecek 2nd cousin twice removed (m)
Scott Bellows
John Bellows
Lauren Mathias
Herman Mc Carter
Mary Ann Carr
Christine Mathias
Jimmy Carr
Sarah Duque
David Carr
Christine Duque
Elizabeth Mathias
Nicholas Bellows
Taddy Carr
Adam Bellows
Gabriel Duque
Julia Duque
Tyler Mathew Earl
Jake Josiah Earl
Barron Bradley Campbell
Bridgette Lauren Campbell
Chantal Grace Earl


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